Let’s discuss about 5 of the myths about copywriting that you need to know.

Some way or another, myths gain huge popularity and widespread acknowledgment. The cause of popularity differs from being so unrealistically real to having a controversial standing.

Here are five myths about copywriting that are considered to be true. These myths are nothing but a fantasy and you may also have fallen for it.

1. Every Writer is a copywriter:

There is a difference between a writer and a copywriter. Some people think since they can write they can be a copywriter too.

If you can write a blog post, it is important to link down the sources with both SEO and content quality perspectives. But in case of a copy, you may cause yourself a loss by distracting the viewers from your blog which is not a good idea.

To be a good copywriter, it is important to understand the needs of a particular target market combined with wit and persuasive language to compel the audience whereas a writer is more concerned with educating, informing and entertaining its audience.

2. It is easy to be a copywriter:

It is very commonly misunderstood that becoming a copywriter is a piece of cake. Well!! It is not much complex but indeed not everybody’s cup of tea. Copywriting is a professional job and needs complete determination and hard work like just any other professional job. If you are a person who is not good at survey, summaries or summing up the collected facts then this is not a platform for you. Interestingly there are many copywriters out there who don’t perform well at some jobs whereas are earning their best salaries somewhere else. Which proves that Copywriting is a challenging job and these challenges differ from time to time. On the other hand, if you are good at playing around with words then of course copywriting is no rocket science. I would say, it is a kind of field where everybody can try their luck and most of them get successful.

3. It is hard to find work:

Most of the people don’t even know about copywriting and its benefits to their pockets. Once they get to know, they are all worried about finding work as a copywriter. Well it is not that difficult. There are hundreds of platforms online that provide copywriting jobs and a plenty of work out there. There is a possibility that the vacancies are not enough and you don’t get a chance to fit in but you shouldn’t stop trying until you get one. Meanwhile practice your writing and build an impressive and strong portfolio to increase your chances of employment.

4. Copywriters just write:

One of the rumor about us is that we just write and write. Well is that so? They do write but talented copywriters not only follow the hacks and tactics but a full fledge copywriter skill set that includes:

  • SEO optimization
  • Graphic design and infographics
  • typography
  • Analytical review and critics
  • Video editing and other forms of multimedia content creation
  • Social media for networking and promotions
  • Market research and target achievement
  • Application of new practices
  • Organization and planning
  • Reputation management

And these are just a few points that I thought are important to be mentioned for a copywriter not be known as “just a writer “. Today’s copywriters are far far away from being “just writers”.

5. Copywriting =  copying from somewhere else:

It is the most common misconception about copywriting. Majority of people think copywriting is named “copywriting” because you just go on a site read the stuff and copy it down into your file and then post it. Well I wish it was that easy a job. The term copywriting comes from the time where any text produced for printing needed to be reproduced on a printing press (manually, letter by letter) to be printed. The term means “text that is to be copied” not “the text that is copied”. Hence copywriting is not copying somebody else’s work rather it is an elaborated form of your words depicting the same scenario that is to be copied.

Well now at the end of it you must have realized and related to all the myths about copywriting mentioned above and cleared your head by now. It is about time to share your favorite myths about copywriters.

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