What is AIDA Formula and how to use it in your writings?

If you have been worrying about the audience for your site and the techniques to grab their attention then you should give the following passage a read. You would not only be knowing what the handle of this article means but also the techniques you should be following as soon as you start to copy write.

 What is AIDA?

AIDA is a simple acronym for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. AIDA is often known as a framework, technique, model or a formula, commonly used in digital marketing and other fields.

To more elaborate about AIDA, the sequential stages have the following purposes:

ATTENTION: to draw a buyer’s interest towards the service or product you are offering.

INTEREST: to impress the buyer by your explicit marketing skills.

DESIRE: focus on the needs and requirements of buyers.

ACTION: buyers takes the action, depending on how you scored in the previous three points.

AIDA formula in copy-writing:

We’ll today look into AIDA from the perspective of copy-writing. Below are all the techniques you could use to make your article interesting and cash more.

1. Attention:

Attention in this model follows the same criteria as in practical life. You need to focus on what’s in demand or interest of people. The very first thing you need to do is opt for the ways that grabs your audience’s attention in the blink of eye. That could be done by various ways:

  1. Putting compelling headlines.
  2. Focusing on exciting news (or product).
  3. Using interesting or famous videos.
  4. Using images.

While working on ‘attention’ you need to be more focused on:

What is you strategy?
Is your message clear?
How can you stand out?

2. Interest:

Most of the people have short reading span. So you need to be focused on how to grab their attention in that very short time.

So the first thing is:

  1. Write for both the scrollers and the scanners. So your website content should be such, that it’s appealing to both the categories.
  2. The very first paragraph should have all the crucks that will be discussed in the article to motivate the reader to read further.
  3. The overall article should contain compelling ideas to keep up with the flow of reader.

Focus on:
What is needed to make your content interesting? Humor? Suspense? Wit?
Did the article come out as we wanted?
Do we need any proof to satisfy the reader with the content?
What content strategies should be followed?

3. Desire:

People are very specific about their choices. Keeping the point ‘desire’ in your mind you need to focus on senses of the audience and go after them.

So now you wrote an article on reader’s interest but how to create a desire in their mind to give the article a read?

  1. Enlist benefits.
  2. Explain how worthy your product is to be bought by defining all the ways it could change their lives.
  3. Share reviews of people (if any).
  4. Give practical examples and sprinkle some motivation.

Example: you wrote about your medicine that helped people lose weight so you share before and after images of them along with their reviews.

This kind of strategy would surely increase the demand for your product.

4. Action:

Now you grabbed the attention of the public, made the content appealing, endorsed their yearning desire but now you have to bring them into action.

How do we do that?

  1. It is usually the bright or common (appealing to eyes) colors that a human is attracted to most. A person would never click on a red link but would click on a blue one. So use good color/ likeable convention colors for your links to be clicked and read.
  2. Provide a countdown or discount offer with your heading depicting limited time.
  3. Use the most attractive lines in the subheading appearing on the search engine.
  4. Include bonuses, premium, shout outs or free vouchers to encourage people.

To Wrap-Up:

It is to be noted that if it was just to follow a formula, every writer would have been stress free and rolling around in cash. Hence HOW to use the formula and HOW to add your talents to your writing matters. A writer should always feel flexible to write. If you can make best out of your writing without or with following these steps, you are great to go.

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