In this post we would discuss the pros and cons of blogging.

Are you confused about starting a blog or not? You’re maybe thinking about start writing a blog but are confused if you really need to? In short you are looking for answer on why and why not to blog.

Before we start looking at the advantages and disadvantages of blogging, let’s categorize why people normally blog?

Blogging as a hobby: Many people simply find it interesting to blog. They like to express their feelings and to share things happening around them with others.  For them the choice is easy: to blog! They can turn their passion into profession — if they want to – by running ads on their blog, reviewing affiliate products, etc.

Blogging as a profession: People who are not as passionate as needed to start blogging without any further thinking need to check the pros and cons of it. They are the ones who want to earn passive income by blogging, to help others in something or want to be known. They find it interesting to blog but not interesting enough to start blogging without thinking.

If you want to start professional blogging you need to know about the pros and cons of it. You may want to have a look at them even if you are starting blogging as a hobby. So let’s discuss them:

Pros of blogging:

It’s easier to blog: Starting a blog has become easier like never before. You’ve got platforms like, WordPress, medium to name just a few. You can start blogging in a matter of minutes. Compare blogging with any other business and you would find blogging easier to do then most of the businesses. That said, you must keep in mind that blogging is not something that paybacks immediately. You need to be patient and keep blogging. In fact this is the first con we have mentioned below.

Flexibility of an online profession:  If you are to make blogging your profession then the amount of flexibility you could find in it is far more than other professions. Thanks to the online nature of blogging you wouldn’t have to stick to your daily schedule. You can blog on anytime and from anywhere.

You are visible to the world: From the comfort of your home you would have access to people from all over the world. They would be able to read the content that you’d make. Your emotions, knowledge and opinions could be shared with the world in a matter of minutes.

Cons of blogging:

You have to be patient: It’s not about starting today and becoming popular tomorrow. Blogs need time and patience to bear fruits. You have to give time to your blog by writing content, working on its SEO, marketing the blog in social media, etc. If you don’t have patience blogging might not be for you.

Competition is huge: With so many blogs that exist and many starting out, it is difficult to keep up with the competition. Search something on Google and you would find hundreds of thousands of websites coming up.

The scenario can be broken down to two steps: first to be visible on search engines and second is to turn visitors into subscribers. You need to have SEO skills (or spend money hiring an expert) to make sure people find your website when they search for something. Even if they find your website they should keep coming, or better, subscribe to your blog. In short you should work on SEO and writing interesting content for your blog that would make the visitor fan of your blog.


After reading the pros and cons you might have made up your mind to blog or not to blog. If you haven’t then we would suggest starting blogging for free on something like There is nothing to lose and you would get an experience of how it feels and what does it take to blog.

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