If you are curious about whether blogging can make you money or not then read on.

Have you been wondering why everybody these days are up to creating their blogs and what do they get in return? Then the return is money!

So yes! Blogging does help you make money but it do have some requirements and credentials to be fulfilled. Today well be discussing how blogging helps in making money and the necessities for it.

Points to keep in mind:

To make money by blogging you need to follow some steps and keep your mind directed towards it.

Profitable niche:

The reality to be faced is:

  • Nobody cares about your passion.
  • No one pays attention to what they are not interested in.
  • And your hard work also don’t pay off.

Then why don’t you opt for something that would bring you profit and satisfy your passion as well?

The first thing to keep in mind is choose such a topic for your blog that is likeable by most of the public or it targets the interests of at least more than 50% public. That is how you’ll be getting more views and people would be interested in the content you create.

Level up your content skills:

Try having variety of content in your blog. That would create a chance of having something for every user at your site. Also create influential and eye catching content for the viewers. That would want them scroll down and jump onto articles one after another.

But! Writing content would not just help you out through this journey but need to bring something new to the market as well.

To be honest, people get bored of reading the same stuff in every blog about the same topic. So to make your blog effective, do some homework and brainstorming. Bring some new ways to encourage people. This has been attempted by people and have proven to be effective so give it a try.

So what points you need to follow?

  • Know what topics in your niche are the most demanding on the date and people are interested in.
  • Go for the ways to make your content/blog famous e.g. advertise, post of social media etc.
  • Your content should deliver the most information than any on the internet.

How to make money by blogging?

So now when you know how to make your content affective, you need to know what would actually make money for you.

The answer is traffic!

The more traffic you get at your site the more you earn. And by traffic I mean the more views the more money. Every platform (on which you blog) has criteria. Some require up to 1500 views each article and pays you accordingly and so on.

So by now you must be thinking how should that be done?

Choose a traffic card to play:

There are gazillions of traffic tactics that could be used but I will suggest and inform you about the two most common and effective ones that are:

  • SEO( search engine optimization)
  • Facebook advertisement.

But both takes time and effort and a surplus time if use wrongly. So what should you do? Here is a suggestion.

If your topic is something you get to see getting viral on Facebook or hear people talking about quite often then play the Facebook card.

If you think you topic is something very frequently searched on internet e.g. bill gates strategies, bit coins, techniques to optimize search engine etc. then use SEO. With SEO you’ll have to be careful about the keywords as they help you optimize your search engine.

Pop up ads:

I know you feel the most annoyed when any pop up ad appears in front of your text and it’s hard for you to read the text but well for your information that’s where money comes from.

So increase your email list. Get more people pay you to advertise their products on your blogs and get paid. Use them in a considerable amount. Don’t overload it on your website. That will lose its charms. A considerable amount will do.

CPC (cost per click):

There is another pop up ad advantage that you can avail which is cost per click. So if you have your ad at the sidebar of your page and any viewer click on it, you get paid.

Sell digital products:

If your blog offers some:

  • Courses
  • EBooks
  • Workshops etc.

Then all the people who want to register would be paying you for the course you offer and that another way you could make money out of your blog.

Other ways may include partnerships, marketing, affiliate marketing etc. I am sure now by knowing all these points you would have gotten a slight idea of how blogging works and how can you use it in your favor.

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