Want to pursue copywriting as a job? Let’s discuss the things you need to know.

You hear about copywriters a lot these days? The rumor is true! People find copywriting too cushy and opt for it even when they have other work going on. They feel it’s the best way to make more money and be productive while staying in the bed.

But wait! Are you unfamiliar with copywriting? Then here is what you want to know about copywriting.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is writing up your thoughts by using your research abilities and bringing new innovative ideas and phrases to your text. You read a passage, summarize it in your words using good, creative vocabulary and you are good to go.

You may have seen copywriting advertisements online and found them appealing or heard it from someone and found interesting because you thought:

  1. It would make more money?
  2. You can carry it out with your daily job?
  3. Would increase your knowledge and memory?
  4. Easy way to make money?

Then all your doubts are correct!

How to get started with copywriting?

If you are curious about how you should be started off with this field and are confused about its scope then here is a must read.

Getting started with copywriting:

Getting started with copy writing is not at all a difficult task. Or it doesn’t need any kind of brain storming, pre planning etc. The day you think you should try copywriting that day you should apply for opportunities and the time you get it, test yourself to the fullest. The best part in this field is it doesn’t require any pre requisite studies from but just the skill TO WRITE GOOD.

Career or freelancing?

Copywriting is offered in different ways that include part time, freelance and full time. Copy writing has advanced to this level that companies offer a fulltime office job with good starter packages.

Now when it comes to choosing it among these two, lies a big decision and these are complete different paths. Whether you want to make copywriting your career on the other hand you want to strike the opportunity by your own, make money and name by hanging out your shingle as a freelancer.

Copywriting as a career would require the writer to grab a traditional job of 8-6 with an agency/ company or brand. Get monthly income and bonuses. You can work for magazines and newspapers as well .There lies a huge market requiring full time copywriters.

Career in copywriting:

Opting for copywriting as career may require you a bachelor degree in marketing as this is a digital marketing field. But it’s not necessary as this job doesn’t require you to have a specific degree but it goes for skills and experience. This career gives you the flexibility to opt for it at any stage of educational level be it college, bachelors, masters etc. All you need you gather are skills. For the skills you need to start working on smaller ground to get a know-how and practice in this field. Start making and filling out your portfolio. Portfolio is a digital form containing range of work that you have done till date. Work in different fields in order to get vast knowledge and experience. Once you have some experience in the field, the companies would want to work with you by their own and there won’t be any difficulty faced by you in case of jobs.

Characteristics of copywriter:

So if you choose to become a copywriter you should keep some of things in mind in order to have a good work experience.

  • A copywriter should be an easy going person because you get to deal with many people who have variety of temperament and so you should be calm enough to deal with them.
  • Should have the ability to provide work on time in urgent cases.
  • Have a creative streak.
  • Most importantly, the copywriter should know the tactics to influence and motivate the audience towards the articles.
  • Should know to twist and mold the language in his own style.

Every job has its setbacks and so will copywriting have. But comparative to others, since it is an easy going job, it will motivate you and encourage you towards work. If you have decided to get a start in this field then give it a shot while having the characteristics in mind.

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