Are you new to freelancing and want to know what are freelance jobs online for beginners? Let’s discuss some of the websites that have work for you as a freelancing beginner.

If you want to be a freelancer and earn income from home, you need to start small. You would need to get a hold of beginners level jobs before you try on bigger projects.

Once you start with these beginner-level jobs and gain experience then you would be more confident applying for relatively more difficult tasks.

But, the question is, from where do you get a chance to apply for freelancing jobs? There are platforms available for professional freelancers but you, as a beginner, need special platforms that are meant for you.

We have collected a list of some of the websites that have freelance jobs online for beginners. We have broke-down the list by fields. For example, if you want to work as a content creator, we have categorized websites where you can find work related to content writing. So, let’s check them out before wasting any time.

1. General:

First of all, let’s check out some of the websites that you can use to find freelancing work in general.


If you have heard about freelancing, there is quite a bit of chance that you might have also heard about Fiverr. This is a platform where instead of you approaching the client and bidding on projects they want to make, you tell the client about the services you offer. These services that you list are called gigs.

So, what’s in the platform for you as a beginner? You can create gigs that are easier for you to work on. You can promote your gigs on social media platforms so that clients could find you.

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Upwork is a platform aimed at more professional freelancers and bigger projects as compared with Fiverr but it also contains a simple project. You might find a project there which is beginner-friendly. Simply place a bid and you might win the project.

2. Content Writing:

If you want to work as a content writer, these websites would be ideal for you.


iWriter is a great platform to work on as a beginner content writer. Starting out, you will be able to get a hold of low-to-medium budget projects. As you gain experience you would be able to work on projects where you could earn more.


If you love to write blog-posts then this website is for you. You could find clients wanting to hire freelancers to write content on their blogs.

3. Graphic Designing:

Let’s now look at some of the websites for graphic designing:


Dribble is a platform where designers can share their work so that clients could go through it and hire the designer as a freelancer if they want to. You can use this platform to showcase your work and might get hired as well.


At 99designs you would find design-related contests. You could take part in these contests and if the contest owner likes your work, you would be get hired.

4. Digital Marketing:

Following is the list of websites which have jobs for SEO and digital marketing:


Just like Fiverr, SEOClerks is another platform where you post the services that you offer. If you are good at Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media marketing, and stuff related to marketing then this platform would be your best bet.

Again as a beginner, you would be able to learn a lot by working here. You will learn about communicating with the client, delivering services, and more things related to freelancing.


If working from home, earning a good amount of money, and starting a freelancing career is your dream, you must start as a beginner. We have discussed where you can find online freelance jobs for beginners. It’s your time to choose a field and pick a website from the list to get started your freelancing career.

Good Luck!

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