Lets discuss on how to avoid content failures

What and how content fail and how to avoid it? Well the pace at which content is created by each individual is increasing exponentially so it is very important for your content to stand out or else your content quality may FAIL.

Let’s discuss on ways to Avoid content failures?

What is the reason behind content growth?

Social media: as you have witnessed, social media is a platform of information and advertisements and for the increased consumption of content it requires content creators and content managers at both professional and nonprofessional levels.

Content marketing: is emerging nowadays. Its main focus is on creating content (online material) and selling it to viewers. As compared to other marketing strategies, content marketing is relatively low cost and highly effective due to which it has higher consumption rate.

Usage of technology: as the number of devices and channels continue to increase, the information consumption increases.

Now that we have talked about why content is growing these days, let’s get a talk done on why actually content fails and what precautions should be taken.

Well we write our blog post and expect that they will turn into some great deals by just sitting at your chair and bum around. Well no! You need to go out of the way to make your post count. It’s said creating content is easy, but creating great content is much tougher.

Here are 5 reasons your content is failing:

1. Boring heading:

Heading is the very first statement that draws the attention of your viewer and if that’s boring then you can think about the rest of the case.

  1. Categorization and good headline: It is important to choose a good headline which is catchy for your blog post. Also try to categorize your blog post. By categorization I mean put it under the main headings like: news, technology, sports etc. so that the content fall into some category and provide your viewers guidance alongside.
  2. Set expectations for your audience: for instance: here are 5 tips to follow in order to restrain failure. The audience would expect 5 tips and that is what you should be providing in the blog post.
  3. Convey benefit: make sure you blog post has conveyed some kind of benefit to the viewer and he don’t come away empty handed.
  4. Selection of headings: it’s also a very important point while focusing on heading. Your heading should be easy to understand and completely relatable to the content under it. Many people use idioms and self-made phrases that only they understand or are relatable in their context. But being a writer as you are addressing the public, you should see the scenario by your audiences’ lenses.

2. Make sure it’s easy:

Your content and the way it is delivered should be somewhat relatable to audience. If not they lose interest and you end up failing your great piece of art. Select such words, idioms and phrases that are easily understandable. And if you have a topic ( to be discussed) that you know most of the people won’t be aware of then it’s the best way to have an easy going flow and content for people to really get information and inspiration. I often get to read such posts on which I have to focus a lot to understand them. That shouldn’t be your case to avoid content failures.

3. Promote your content:

Quite often, you fail to pay attention on promotion of your content whereas it is the most crucial and important step. If you won’t advertise and promote your posts who else is going to do that? Especially when your blog is in the initial stages, you require some solid promotions and you should always keep and make strategies about this. Post regularly, tweet and share regularly. So that even some of the audience miss it out, they catch up on it later. If you think you have a great piece of work in hand, don’t forget to email it to your industrial friends who can provide your work further promotions and value. Get yourself the most views and audience as possible.

4. Nobody knows your brand:

If you are a new brand in the market then it’s quite obvious that nobody knows it or trusts it. For that you need to consider:

  • Using display ads and commercials
  • Remarketing
  • Attending networking meetups
  • Speaking of your brand at industrial conferences
  • Teaming up with other brands
  • Building relationships with media
  • Growing your personal network-online and offline

5. Presentation matters:

Don’t make your content look ugly!!!

Make sure your grammar is correct. If your grammar is not correct, that is the very first thing that is going to decrease your audience. People just feel cringe when they read text that is grammatically incorrect. Along with this, content should not seem ugly. Try to focus and add

  • Headings
  • Subheadings
  • Numbered lists
  • Spaces
  • Bolds and italics

I am quite sure that these tips are going to cover up for all your content failures and will help you avoid some in future.

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