We will discuss here on how to develop unique writing style.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when referring to writing style? It’s simply the way author decides to express!

So a writing style is the author’s choice of words, sentence structure, figurative language and sentence arrangement. These all elements combined together creates a mood that is uttered through author’s writing style.

As each human being is different from the other. Every author writes differently from other and that is what motivates audience to read an author out.

Because of this diversification, people get a chance to enjoy all the elements present in the writings through different point of views.

Now that we have known about writings and authors, how can you improve your writing style to become worthy of reading? Scroll down to discover.

Tips to stand out by developing unique writing style:

Creating and refining your own style of writing is very important, however sometimes it becomes difficult-especially for the newbies who are just starting out their journey-to embody all the qualities that would help them make their own distinct voice.

So how to tease out those qualities and pave your way to success? Down below are some tips that would help you on how to develop unique writing style.

  1. Avoid clichés:
    When you read, it is more likely that you adopt the writing style and the words used in it. They get saved in your subconscious and whenever you sit to write things down, you write in the same style you got impressed of-which hinders your potential and originality.
    So do read but try avoiding cliché or common phrases. That would help you have a unique voice.
    And it is an obvious fact, people are already bored of reading the same content and style everywhere. Don’t you want to attract them towards yours?
  2. Go for experience:
    Start with what you know or have an experience in. If you begin to start writing in a world you are familiar with, it will be an easy journey for you and you would have more chances to excel.
    For instance if you are writing a story and one of the characters matches a real life person around you. It would bring more reality and sense of existence to the character.
    This formula was in fact applied by J.K Rowling too. Professor Snap was a character based on her chemistry teacher and you would obviously know what this character added to the story. So you can use your experiences in order to stand out.
  3. Make your observations unique:
    You should have an idea of the lens you use to look around in the world and the lens people use to filter out the world. That could be a great turning point.
    When you have realized how your point of view is different from others you can simply put it into “effective and persuasive” words in order to persuade audience and make them think what you think.
    You try to be their influencer. Bring them those points they were never aware of or had any chance to think in that perspective. Be different. Be unique. In terms of thoughts and in terms of writing.
  4. Evoke all sense:
    When a reader reads a writing, he wants to sink into your words and feel what you feel. They want to immerse their imagination and get lost.
    So, as a writer it is your job to place the bomb of all possible senses into your writing and wait for it to explode.
    For instance all you had to tell is a scenario where there is a Christmas tree. But how enchanting would it be to explain all the meager details that come with the Christmas tree.
    As if the reader was present at the spot and had the tree just in front of him. Make him to just swamp into the scenario. That is how you play with his senses so pleasantly that he even don’t notice it.
  5. Be intimate with details:
    Intimate and meager details are a key to enhancing the evocative quality of your writing. It brings power to your writing. Word choice is crucial in this case. You should choose those words that would help enhance the meaning of a sentence rather leaving confusion.
    There should be very much detail in your writing just the appropriate amount. People tend to get bored of too much detail about everything and don’t prefer reading at all.

As the old saying says, practice makes a man perfect-is the mantra that would undoubtedly bear fruit. The more you’ll write, the more you’ll grow conscious of your writing style and thus be able to improve it.

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