Planning to start a new website? The first step would be to get your website a domain name. The domain name can be anything but choosing a unique, memorable domain takes effort and knowledge that we will discuss. Let’s see how you can register a great domain name.

Why Good domain matter?

A good domain leaves an impact on visitors. A good domain is memorable hence the visitor will remember the website and might visit it again. Even if they don’t remember the domain exactly, they will have the domain placed in the back of their minds.

The domain name is your brand identity. Just like when starting a new brand, you would spend some time brainstorming different names, you should do the same for the domain name.

The domain name tells about what the website has to offer for the visitor.

What can be considered a good domain?

There are a few characteristics that a good domain possesses. Let’s discuss a few of them:

Good domains are short in length: The more amount of words (or characters) are there in a domain, the difficult it would be for someone to memorize it. Keep the domain names short.

They are relevant to the niche: If your website is about “doing things with CSS”, your domain should represent that. Check if you could get hold of something like “”.

Don’t use keywords in your domain that are brand identity of any other company or website and are not part of dictionary. For instance, if your website is about “facebook marketing’ then choose fbmarketing instead of facebookmarketing.

They are simple: Avoid having hyphens (-) in your domain if you can. Use singular words as opposed to plurals. Keep it short and simple.

.com is the king: Unless you are targeting a region-based audience, try to go with .coms.

How to find a good domain?

After you have decided on the niche for your website, you should have a few keywords in your mind. You can use those keywords in your domain. That said, .coms are hard to find. If you search against the keywords you came up with, chances are many of them would have already been registered.

But the thing is, many of the “.coms” get register daily and many expire. If you couldn’t find an available domain against your keywords, you could search for expired domain names containing these keywords. This way you might get hold of a great domain name.

One of the options to search for expired domains is:

You can filter the results and enter the keywords you want to be included in the results.


A good domain name is short, simple, and easy to remember. You should spend some time researching the keywords and finding the best combination that matches your website niche and is brandable before you register a domain name.

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