Want to travel, enjoy and also make money? This post can help!

Do you want to visit all the beautiful places in the world but want your ticket to be free? It isn’t impossible as it seems. You can travel yet earn money through several ways among which I will be talking about some. Let’s discuss them below.

The first and most important point for travelling and making money includes your profession. Opt for a profession that requires travelling or is a part of your job. See it’s that simple isn’t it? Let’s discuss now what are those professions and should you opt for them or not? Here are five professions which can help you earn money by travelling.

You can become a videographer/v-logger:

A videographer’s/v-logger’s job is to capture or v-log around different sights of the world and bring it to people in the form of a video guide or a tour. With the help of these videos, you can explore different areas of world just by sitting at home and decide which country to visit and what parts of those countries would add flavor to your trip. Videographers work on different platforms like for some company as their videographer or solo. The solo videographer upload his videos on social media (e.g. having a YouTube channel) to get fame as well as earn money through social media. They are very helpful and entertaining at the same time.

Get a job in travel agency (companies):

There are various transport companies that provide people tour along with its team. The team may comprise of a guide, driver, and some other workers to help them and facilitate them the most. They visit from place to place having a complete plan. They take a long a bunch of people to explore the beautiful places across the country (or overseas).

These transport companies are helpful and preferred by people because most of the people don’t really know what places they should visit, where to stay, what and how to explore some fascinating sights and so they prefer such companies who provide a complete package. Being a part of this team will bring you bunch of perks like get your pay and a trip to cherish.

Be a travel photographer:

Photography these days have emerged and gone to great levels as the technology is improving. A travel photographer whose journey is all about capturing the world carrying the camera on his shoulder trying to snap away all the moments worth noticing. Just like any other profession, it is a profession of growth and as you grow you learn the skill.

Now the question arises, how does a travel photographer fit under this heading? Well by all facts and means, it fits. Travel photographers earn their money while travelling, capturing pictures and advertising them. There are multiple means by which he could earn. Either the photographer work with some company, or work in collaborations. They work on sponsorship as well as work solo, advertise their pictures or videos onto the social media and earn fame and money.

Tour Guide:

Imagine roaming down the deep streams and fascinating views of Switzerland and sharing your experiences with like-minded individuals. That is as soothing and fun as it sounds. A tour guide’s duty is to guide the people (who hired him) across a place (city or any destination) with all its historical and geographical backgrounds along with the beauty and diversity the place contains. Basically every meager detail that can attract the tourists so they feel pleased to visit the place. As a tour guide you can travel the world and share your passion for wanderlust with other travelers on vacations in order to get more grip over your profession and sooth your wanderlust desire.

Many tour guides work as freelancers i.e. they work and earn for themselves whereas there are others who are hired by companies and they work there as employees to run the company’s travel programs. Depends on you what you choose. Either way it’s a travel and earn situation.

Event coordinator:

Event coordinators travel place to place to organize the events of their clients. The coordinators may arrange some local events like weddings, birthdays but orchestrating large-scale events like festivals and trade shows could be a golden opportunity for travel lovers. You might meet potential vendors or clients across the country and they hire you for their events. It’s a great opportunity to travel and earn money.

All these professions and many more could help you earn, become a professional and travel place to place to satisfy your wanderlust. Along with all these free travelling boon comes a great responsibility. Responsibility of your career and your clients. If you are good to carry that along then don’t wait to buy your happy passport and enjoy your trips

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