This post will guide you on how to write social media posts that are great and engaging.

Social media has become a valuable asset for people over the past years. Everybody is very active on social media and quite impressed by the content they get without having being interacted with the world. On the contrary to which a lot of the content is criticized and not liked. So how to know if you as a content creator are putting your efforts in the right part or not?

Today well get to know about how to create good content and what are dos and don’ts.

How to write great posts for social media?

Since social media is quite a renowned platform and your one sentence gets across the seas in millisecond. So as a content creator, you need to put your focus on the right content on the right time. Here’s how:

Optimize your writing:

Write according to the audience of each website. You may have come across all these famous applications: Facebook, twitter, instagram etc. and may have witnessed the audience on each on of it. That is where you have to be focused. Write according to the likes/dislikes of the audience viewing it.

For instance:

Twitter may feel like an application where people think aloud and are open about their thoughts.

Facebook may seem like a meme or fun application with some news and drama.

Pinterest seem more like an informative application. It includes all the stuff that guides and enhance information. Adding funny jokes or controversies wouldn’t get a hype as a food recipe or tips to good fashion sense.

Always write according to the nature of the public using the specific application.

Add images:

Images always provide a better site with an evidence. If you add image to your post that would add authenticity to it and the people would engage more. It is very evident from the facts that states hardly 10% of the people remember text part of the post but they always remember the image because that is how a human mind works. So to attract people and to encourage them to engage you need to start adding up images to your posts.

Go after people’s interests:

Opt for different content and see which of it got the most response. You can choose the line and bring variations in that line of content. E.g. if you notice that people engage more on your posts regarding clothes than mental health, focus on bringing variations in the content related to clothes with a touch of how it effects health to spread awareness. By this method you can attract people with a strategy and spread awareness through content.


Change of place must create change of content. Travel and create more awareness about the unknown places because it’s in the unknown where people have the most interest.

Address and respond to your viewers:

Address to your viewers by solving their queries and answering to their questions through your posts. They would be more motivated to watch.

Create new strategies:

Go for strategies that you think would influence the audience. E.g. giving away prizes or gifts, calling their names out loud in your posts who recently started following you etc. that is how you can create or influence more traffic.

Cover trending topics:

Focus on what’s trending and hot. Which news has the most focus now a days? Could be politics, famous wedding bells etc. the more the people are curious about a news the more views and response you get.

Don’t make a promise that you can’t keep:

Don’t agree for something you think you won’t be able to complete on public’s demand. Make an excuse if you think you cannot do it. But do not disappoint your audience. If readers click on your title expecting one thing and it turns out to be something else. You’ll lose that one click forever. Whatever you write and post, do it rightfully! Make sure the heading of the post explains exactly what is beneath the heading to gain public trust.

Cover broad area:

Don’t get yourself limited to covering one domain each time but go for all the content types that could be shared with public. By this the viewer won’t get bored because they’ll find variety. Try making maximum out of all the content that is sharing worthy.

To Wrap-up:

One thing that should be kept in mind while creating content is that a person should not get low on morals. For the sake of good content and heat, do not post which is not true or irrelevant. Other than that, following these tips would definitely give you an idea of where to focus while creating new content.

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