In this post, we will discuss what is a press release and how to write one?

Before having to know how to write a press release, do you know what press release is? Let’s discuss this first.

So what is a press release?

Press release which can also be called “press statement“ , “news release “ or a “news statement“ is an official announcement ( written or recorded ) that is issued by an organization to news media or beyond.

A press release is a written communication that reports a specific event be it a product launch, a circumstance or any other happening. It is typically tied to a business or organization and delivered to media by variety of means.

What is the purpose of press release?

As we know by now what a press release is, you’re maybe thinking where should it be used and for which purpose? So the main purpose of a press release is to spread awareness, make news and generate publicity. They are mainly used to advertise brands and in addition to which they are cost effective as well.

The main purpose is to:

  • Notify media so that they spread the word
  • Promote your business via blogs, internet and social media.

So now that you have gotten the primary knowledge of press release let’s move forward on how can you write a press release. I will go step wise explaining the dos and don’ts as well.

The basics to write a press release:

  • Write it in a professional way, just how a reporter would tend to write.
  • It should not look like an ad, it should be a news article.
  • Keep time in your mind- nobody requires old news.
  • Proofread it before releasing.
  • Stick to one domain, one topic.

Prior to crafting, do keep one fact in your mind: a press release is released in the public which means your targeted customers along with prospective customers can view it. So it is not just a change of getting a media coverage but marketing as well. So be attentive and vigilant to how you write a press release. To write a press release, you should have some key components in mind. These would not only guide you in press writing but knowing the components it may include as well.

Key components of Press Release:

  • Letterhead:
    It typically begins with the city name or organization from where it originates along with the current date.
  • Headline:
    It should include an attention grabbing headline. It should be too lone. Limit it to 7-14 words.
  • Subtitle:
    It is optional. But if included keep it short.
  • Leading paragraph:
    The leading paragraph of your release should include the location of your organization along with a little summary of the story you want to release. It should answer why, what, when, where and who i.e. 5Ws of the story to be announced. Avoid being dry. Your release being yawn worthy would definitely mean your event would be boring and why would media want to cover such an event which won’t be of any profit to them.
  • Second paragraph:
    Your press release should seem like a bucket filled of facts being declared one after another. It should have a flow that would cover all the facts you want to mention. Your press release should include supportive information to the introduction along with quotes from someone significant to the company or the event. For instance it could be a corporate executive or partner of the business. Also to be kept in mind, a press release should contain understandable language (no jargons or something) and quotes.
  • Other paragraphs:
    The other paragraphs may include some additional information of the event that is necessary to be mentioned even if it is irrelevant.
  • Call to action:
    An exact, non-embedded and complete URL is placed which directs you to the main page of the organization/ event is placed in one of the paragraphs.
  • Conclusion:
    The very last paragraph of your press release is a conclusion in which you conclude your press release by writing up a brief description of your organization or any such sort of information. Conclusion paragraph do play an important role and leaves an impact.
  • Media contact information:
    Leave your email, phone number, and name for the media to be able to contact you when needed.
  • Hash for ending:
    Do mention a “###” to show ending of the press release.

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