Lets see what are infographics, why they are important and how to create one.

Infographics have been commonly used in presentations, education, interviews and many other platforms. But if you are new to design, this term maybe foreign to you.

This post will educate you about:

  • What are infographics?
  • Why should it be used?
  • How to make infographics?

What are infographics?

Infographic is a “visual representation of data or information”. By visual we mean in the form of image.

It is human nature that he perceives better through visual picture rather than a text. Infographics were discovered on the ground of this concept to make better human experience and understanding by using visual representation.

To be more specific, infographics mean:

“A collections of imagery, charts and minimal text that gives an easy-to-understand overview of the topic”.

Infographics is one the most efficient ways of combining text, images and design to represent the most complex concepts that begs to be understood.

Why should infographics be used?

Infographics are used for better and easy understanding of topics and it is proven. Infographics help you digest complex information in bits.

  • They seem more compelling and attractive, so it develops interest in the mind of the viewer rather than leaving a boring impact.
  • They include colors and images that leaves a mind with a pleasant effect.
  • As it catches attention, it increases the traffic at your site or audience attention to your presentation.
  • Provides a quick overview of the topic.
  • Explain a complex process in bits and through easier way.
  • Summarize the whole essay/blog post.
  • Compare or contrast two topics/options.

When so ever, it is required to give a quick overview or you have shortage of time, infographics are a go to option. That clearly means that infographics are flexible to use. They can be used in any domain or field.

How to create infographics?

Now when you have come to know all about what infographics are and what effects it have, you must be wondering how to make infographics? Is there any tool for it? Or can we customize it? Then all these questions will be answered step by step under this heading.

So first of all it’s a hard task to make infographics because it requires a lot of skill and time. But the worry have been solved by providing readymade templates and there are several online sites for it. So it’s up to you, either you customize the templates or you make your own from scratch. The very first thing you need to do is:

  • Identify your audience:

You have to design your Infographic while keeping the audience in mind. You may address the expert or novice audience. So for that, you have to keep in mind that a design should be simple and understandable in the first blush for a novice audience whereas technicality can be added for the experts.

  • Organizing and collecting content:

Collect all the data that your topic will be covering. Organize it in an interesting and sequential order so that it doesn’t create any confusion.

  • Relevance of data:

The data or content explained should be in the scope of topic. If you use somebody else’s data make sure to site the source.

  • Choose your template.

So now when you have collected the data and organized it, you need to find the right template for your content. By “right” we mean the templates that suits your text. Some of the ideas are:

    • Timeline infographics
    • Comparison infographics
    • Graph-based infographics
    • Flow-chart infographics etc.
  • Download your template:

Download the chosen template in PowerPoint to view, asses or edit.

  • Customize your template:

This is a time consuming but the most fun part. Make changes in your desired template according to your will. Add text, set font sizes, change colors, add images, change font styles, add footers etc. and get it ready. You can also add logos in headers of your infographics to make it more professional.

  • Publish your infographics:

This is not what people opt for quite often, but I would recommend to do so. If you think you have done a marvelous job while creating an Infographic then you should go for publishing it on any famous website like Pinterest along with its source code.


Have you ever created infographics? If not then follow these steps to get the best results and improved skills with less effort.

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