Writing lies somewhere in between a skill and talent. If you can learn it, it’s a skill and if it’s innate then that’s talent.

Skill? If anyone tries to do better in something, become an expert or learn something then that’s a skill when achieved. And so writing is a skill too.

How it falls in the category of talent? Well the answer to it is many skills could be used better and effectively with the spice of talent. If you are talented to write well then you would have a spectacular skill in your hand by just trying the half as compared to those who put effort in it. But no matter what in what so ever form, if efforts are put they do show colors.

Wait! You need to keep one thing mind that writing is a kind of skill that opens doors to many opportunities and empowers incredibly.

What is a writing skill?

It simply means the writer is able to use his words in a manner that makes their thoughts translucent to public and comprehensive enough to deliver a clear perspective. A skill with which you can motivate and influence people is a writing skill. It is not a piece of cake to attract the traffic towards your words. It do need a fair amount of an effort. So it shouldn’t be taken for granted or thought to be undemanding. Writing do need your attention and practice to show its real colors and charm.

How does writing skill empower?

As writing is a skill, it must come with some advantages right? That’s exactly the empowerment we are talking about. As writing is a part of educational practice, it must empower you with a weapon of literacy. Along with literacy it do help you in other corners of life like:

  • Writing helps you in clarity of mind and vision. You write down your thoughts in words and that gives you a path for you to know how the thoughts appeared in your mind and how do they seem when put in words. You just write down any random detail that is saved somewhere in your long term memory that you did not even remember or what crosses your mind. It’s the best way to encounter yourself and your stance.
  • You would be able to stock up your ideas providing you a direction.
  • You definitely learn more which provides you with broader sphere of knowledge.
  • Gain awareness about the surroundings through research. Again increasing the dimensions of your knowledge.
  • Provides you with the ability of better verbal and written skills as well. When you are writing something down, you go for choosing the most appropriate and eminent words. That means your writing will be more concise, eloquent and elegant than your actual speech. And once you get to learn through your writing that would automatically aid into your better verbal ability and fluency as well.
  • Sense of accomplishment. A confidence of achieving something. A skill.

You think of an advantage and it is here to offer.

How to improve your writing skills?

The very thing you need to notice while you are writing is what makes you feel most comfortable while writing about. There are certain topics to which every mind cannot give their best. So go for those to which you can give your best and test your skills.

Now when it comes to improving or polishing then you must:

Understand the principles of writing:

  • Go and visit different websites of famous writers. Read and try understanding the way they write. Try to get a know-how.
  • Practice different writing techniques. Match your writing styles and see which one was more effective. Keep a track of your journey.
  • Get out of your comfort zone.
  • Challenge yourself to bring better. Bring your thoughts simply into words. Every human brain thinks differently and that’s its beauty. Without effort it provides you with different ideas that just by putting into write words would definitely create a unique and pleasant content.


Think before you write. Think about the topics and areas you would be covering before writing. That would give you a broader perspective.

Try learning structure of writing:

  • Captivating headings.
  • A powerful headline
  • And interesting opening.

You must know how to attract the audience.

To sum up:

Be it a skill or talent, it needs to be polished and have a direction. With time, everybody gain confidence in themselves and learn through error and trial. A skill shall need time and you must leave room for that.

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