We’ve discuss 5 powerful hacks for copywriting here.

You need to be very good at crafting your blogs to grab attention of your viewers and for that you need to consider some hacks. Here are five fantastic hacks that will help your blog grow tremendously.

1. Your writing style depicts it all:

It is very important to have a persuasive style that grabs the customer’s attention while writing a copy. Customers often tend to lose interest when they realize there is a kind of pressure in the writing and they get into a confusion whether to buy or not. To stay safe from this negative wave you need to adopt more friendlier and relaxed tone while writing a copy. Also, it is very important to know the audience you are addressing and write accordingly. To be on a safe side, try to have a convincing yet a cool tone that impress and satisfy the reader.

2. Representation of your copy:

It is very important to focus on the representation of your writing. The design and the writing should be in sync with each other. You should remember a very important tip that is A Human Is Always Attracted To Visuals. He is going to see the visuals first and then read the text. So to improve your designs in the writings you should remembers these tips:

  • Choose a nice, large font that is readable by all the viewers
  • Don’t be afraid of white spaces
  • Justify your text to left only
  • Don’t use a lot of colors in your copy
  • Highlight the important text with a different but pleasant color ( e.g. light blue)
  • Change the font style(italic, bold, underline)
  • The more you focus on the representation of your copy, the more roomy and pleasant it will appear, resulting in grabbing viewers’ attention.

3. Keep your URLS short:

Most bloggers overlook this but it is important to keep your URLS short and tidy for the best SEO copywriting.

Whenit comes to URLS its best to keep them short and relevant. It is ideal to just have the name of your blog in it.

For instance: rather than having a URL; www.bloggingsite/123@gf1234&

You can just simply have:


This way, it is easier for the viewer to search as well as remember. The bottom line is once again, THE USER EXPERIENCE. It should be easy for a user to just scan your URL and understand what the blog contains.

4. Optimize your blog with a commercially valuable keyword:

Picking up a right keyword is a very important step to follow while writing a copy. It may help you increase your revenue to a great extent. Are you confused how to do it?

Well!! We will assume that you run a marketing business. Now there are several forms of marketing. When you use the word ‘marketing’ as a keyword, each time somebody search for the word ‘marketing’, your phone would be buzzing off the hook with customers.

But if this is the case, it must be very easy for everyone to get customers in the blink of an eye: Simply Use The Valuable Keywords. NO!! That’s not the case. It’s very important to link your blog/copy with a relevant keyword or else it may have the adverse effect on the blog than expected. It is possible that you may not find a very valuable keyword to your blog and in return get less customers but its better in long term in order to gain your customers as well as your own confidence in the blog. Viewers get very disappointed if they search for something and find something irrelevant to read in return. So another hack for successful copywriting is to invest time on keywords but focus on its relevance as well.

5. Focus on body:

By body, I mean the structure of your blog. Now how to do so would be the next question in your mind. Well here are a few tips that can help you focus and make your blog body effective.

  • Add subheadings:

It is important to add subheadings as many people just skim through the blog and the highlighted heading would help them know what the blog contains and extract maximum from it.

  • Ask questions:

While skimming through your blog, the viewer is interested only if your blog answers their question and they search for it all over. Make it easier for your target audience to see what answers they can get corresponding to their questions.

  • Add quotes:

Take a sentence from your blog and format it as a quote in order to highlight it. This will not only help you to emphasize on the fact explained in the quote but give a solid and impressive look to the blog.

  • Add images to explain text:

This is a very impressive way to make your blog look interesting and to make it effective targeting maximum audience. People always prefer images over long texts and that is what you have to do. Under a heading along with text just add an image that explains the text under the heading and boom!! This will definitely work if nothing did at all.

To Sum up:

Writing with having human psychology in mind will help you a lot with your copywriting successes. For a win-win situation show some smartness by following copywriting tips in their most effective way and there you go.

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